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My Dear 2011 ♥
Saturday, December 31, 2011 | 8:27 AM | 0 Words

Assalamualaikum and Dear 2011
I will miss you with my very heart. I will remember all the sweet and bitter moments of you. You know what? I'm crying because of you  I have learned a lot in 2011. I hope all my mistakes is forgiven in th year 2011. I hope your sibling 2012 will be nice to me. Make sure 2012 had a great year like you, 2011 Now, I will write about 2011.

Langkawi - 21 November - 24 November 2011 

This was like one of the best school experience in my life! I've loved it very much. And it was the first time I went to a school trip and sleeping there. It was like so awsome and so cool! I will never forget that trip ever! I love you guys as friends!  Thank you ;)

Last day of school - Somewhere in November ;)

The last year and the last day of me being an SK Taman Selasih student. Wow, I miss the conteng-conteng and the screaming and the singing and the craziness  I just feel that I'm gonna cry gosh. I will miss all these memories. 


Memori Tercipta - Shila Amzah

Still hoping for the Nokia C3  Kbyee.

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